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View it, Manage it, Monetize it.

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Changing The Way
The World Views Data

Data is an asset. It's yours. Join the Movement!

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It's Your Data

View it

LifeFrame makes it easy for you to view the data being collected on you. You’re able to view it from a broad level to a very specific level – thanks to LifeFrames proprietary Social Taxonomy Technology. You will be able to view your data by categories. We believe this is the easiest way to show the different aspects data that are collected.

You may be surprised to see just how much data is collected! Full Data Transparency is something everyone should have access to.

Manage it

While viewing your data, you will have the option to manage certain aspects of it. Manage how frequent the category of data appears on your feeds. Manage how you’d like to sell the data, who can buy the data, which aspects they can buy, etc.

You will have complete control over your data, because it’s yours. You should get to choose how your data is used, purchased, and consumed. As well as who is using it, purchasing it, and consuming it.

Monetize it

Data can be used for many things – advertising, research, medical information, actuarial sciences, etc. Many companies find value in data to further their business needs.

You will have the ability to sell your data for different purposes and earn money and other forms of compensation. By selling your data, you consent to have that company use your data for an intended purpose that they will disclose.

This means that if you sell your data on ‘Pizza’ to a couple Pizza restaurants that want to advertise to you, you are consenting to see those advertisements on your feed.

How this is done

For people and for businesses

LifeFrame benefits individuals and businesses. Giving individuals the power to view, manage, and monetize their data. And allowing businesses to find the right individuals for their business.

With LifeFrame, businesses can purchase data for whatever their needs may be – marketing, research, sciences, actuarial, medical and healthcare, etc. Businesses will purchase the data from individuals who consent to have their data used for whatever that purpose may be.